Commercial Roofing Inspections in Kansas City, MO

Industrial and commercial roofing inspections are extremely important to extend the life of your building and decrease overall maintenance and repair costs. Roofs have a lifetime of roughly thirty years, but proper inspections can help your building maintain its value by stopping problems before they happen. Especially in Kansas City where our severe cold weather constricts building materials and our hot weather expands them, inspecting your commercial property’s roof is of the utmost importance.

Any type of industrial or commercial property will benefit from a roof inspection: warehouses, apartments, hotels, churches, hospitals, etc. If you want a fair and impartial assessment of your roof’s conditions, regardless if you are buying or selling your commercial/industrial property or you just want a “status report”, our contractors will provide you with an in-depth analysis.

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On top of that, we always conduct ourselves in a no-pressure environment and although we will do our best to educate you on existing and potential problems, our roofing inspectors won’t force you to use the featured commercial roofing company from our homepage. You’re free to take the results of the inspection as well as the estimate and walk, if you choose to do so.

Our Roof Inspection Process for Commercial Buildings in KC

  1. Investigation of the roof covering to determine if it is designed to provide a sufficient weather barrier.
  2. Checking the fasteners i.e. screws, nails, metal roof fasteners etc., for potential movement in the screws, or sealant failures.
  3. Inspection of roof sheathing (decking), the layer of wood boards that are fixed to your roof’s joists.
  4. Evaluation of the slope and underlayment (the additional protection along the eaves, at penetrations, elevation changes, and in valleys.)
  5. Checking the ice barrier – recommended for areas where average temperature in January are below freezing temperatures (Kansas City!).
  6. Ensuring drip edge metal is installed at the rake and eaves.
  7. Determining offset pattern if evident i.e. 5-inch method, 6-inch pattern, or racking.
  8. Inspection of the roof valley flashing at downsloping roof plane intersections for existing water damage and potential problems.
  9. Investigation of nail penetration into the deck sheathing and determine appropriate depth of roof fasteners.
  10. Inspection of the flashing areas: vent pipes, exhaust vents, exhaust fans, furnace or water-heater flue pipes, electrical pipes, and all other roofing penetrations.

About Our Commercial Roof Inspectors in Kansas City

Our commercial roofing inspectors in Kansas City will inspect from ground level and eaves:

  • the roof covering
  • flashings
  • skylights
  • chimney and other roof penetrations
  • general structure of the roof

All evaluations, inspections, and analysis will be provided by our featured commercial roofing company listed on our homepage. Our featured contractors are licensed and insured to provide you with a detailed report on the installation of your building’s roof structure and covering. They will give provide you with any estimated costs associated with repair or replacement if needed. Our inspectors will keep a certified copy of your estimate on file for future work should you decide to hire our contractors to carry it out. Additionally, our contractors are available to inspect new roof construction on fresh build-outs.

Commercial Roof Inspection Cost and Pricing

In comparison to a full replacement or repairs of damaged roof, a commercial roofing inspection costs next to nothing. By being proactive with regular inspections and maintenance, you can usually stop a potential hazard before it ever becomes a problem. The hard cost of an inspection depends on a lot of different factors including the total square footage, the number of penetrations, the type of roof, the slope, ease of access, etc.

To gain peace of mind and save the money you would spend on future problems with your commercial roof, the price of inspecting your roof is almost a non-issue. However, we can tell you that prices usually range from $200 – $600, but can sometimes exceed $1000 in cases with large commercial properties.

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