Commercial Roof Repair in Kansas City, MO

Roofing Advisors offers commercial roof repair for flat roofs, low-slope, and high-slope systems throughout the Kansas City metro area.

Living in the Kansas City area comes with a lot of ups but it also comes with a few downs. The winters here can be extremely brutal and over time can out a tremendous amount of wear on industrial and commercial buildings.

The constant cold and dry wind are definitely not ideal conditions for keeping your roof in great condition. After even just a few of these harsh winters your roofing system could have some serious damage. With extremely cold winders, we see a dramatic increase in flat roof repair jobs the following spring.

When this happens, it is a good idea to hire one of our experienced roofers to come out and perform an inspection and give you an estimate on your commercial roof repair.

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After we perform our inspection we can give you a better idea of just how much damage, or how many potential problems you might see in the future if you don’t get your low-slope, high-slope, or flat roof repaired. Once our roofer finds the problem areas, we can come up with our estimate on just how much its going to cost you to get your roof repaired. One of the reasons we are quickly becoming the go-to source when trying to find the best commercial roofing company is due to our estimates being spot-on. There are very rarely any surprises.

The inspection and estimate process might seem a bit daunting but just think, its always better to get your commercial roof repaired, because the other choice is wait. And let me tell you.. this is never pretty when it comes time to paying the bill.

Commercial roof repair is always cheaper, easier, and smarter than waiting for little problems to turn into big problems!

High Slope, Low Slope, and Flat Roof Repair for Commercial Roofs in KC

  • Analyze the entire roof and scout for early signs of trouble
  • These include, dark spots on ceilings, peeling paint, roof overhangs, leaks, creaks, loose pieces, and finally check for places that are not sealed.
  • Once the problem areas are identified our licensed professional will get the correct materials and tools needs.
  • The roofer then will clean and prep the surfaces that need to be repaired.
  • The roofing contractor will then make sure that all seals are sealed, old roof materials are replaced with new, and all loose pieces are inspected, fixed or if need be, replaced.

Common Problems and Fixes for Commercial Roofs in KC

Leaking Roofs – Even the strongest and sturdiest of roofs will eventually end up with leaks

Splitting – After a couple harsh winters and hot summers almost all roofs can subject to splitting

Lack of maintenance – This goes without saying, but improper commercial roof maintenance is destined to lead to future repairs.

Standing Water – This is a recipe for mold, splitting, and leaks.

Bad Installation – If a roof was not installed right the first time, then it will never last a long time

Ventilation problems – Our time roofs loose their seals due to caulking issues causing ventilation issues

Bad Repairs – Sometimes you get a roofing company that just simply doesn’t do the job right.

Blistering – This is the most common flat roof repair in Kansas City that we carry out.

Kansas City Service Area

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