concrete roofingA concrete roof is something that you may have in mind when it comes time to replace your commercial roof. It might also be the best option for you as well.

A concrete roof is exactly what it sounds like. A freaking concrete slab designed to be your roof. Concrete roofs are typically designed as flat roof designs but creating sloping roofs out of concrete is also possible given the budget. Concrete roofs are a mix of sand, water, gravel, and a binder. These roofs are known to last a very long time as well as resistant to bugs and termites, as well as provide excellent fire resistance.


How Long do Concrete Roofs Last?

On average a concrete roofing system can last up to about 50 years, but generally need replaced at about 30-40 years. Here in the Kansas City Missouri area though, life expectancy can be a bit different as we get the harsh winters and the hot summers. This constant expanding and contracting not eh cement is not good and causes it to crack prematurely around 30 years or so.


Concrete vs Clay Roofing Tiles

Although concrete roofing tiles are definitely a common affordable option when compared to calyces tile roofing. Concrete roofing is also considerably lighter in weight than clay tile roofing. The light weight of the concrete tiles significantly reduces the change of structural damage that can often times happen with clay tiles due to their heavy weight.


How Much is a Concrete Roof?

replacing your comical roof with concrete tile is something that is both affordable and durable. This is what makes concrete roofs such popular option when it comes to industrial buildings. Concrete roofs can cost anywhere between $2.50 – $6.00 per square foot or 250 to 600 per square installed. Although exact cost will vary depending on your location and roofing layout.


Benefits of Concrete Roofing

Incredibly Strong

Your concrete roof is made to be very strong. This will allow your commerical building to load up the roof with all of your generators, ventilation units, and whatever else you need to put on your roof. This is especially nice for hotel building and big industrial buildings that use their roof for their services and need it to be able to hold heavy weights.

High Impact Resistance

Concrete is made of gravel, sand, water, and a binder making it incredibly strong and able to withstand the harsh winters and hot summers of Kansas City, Missouri from falling trees to large hail a concrete roof will do the job.

Fire Resistance

Concrete is fire resistant so that you do not have to worry about your roof catching on fire. This is also very beneficial to companies who host events outdoors on their rooftops. 

Low Maintenance

Concrete is a very low maintenance roofing system that only requires yearly inspections to make sure there are no cracks damage to the concrete.


With all of the benefits that concrete roofs can supply the best benefit is the affordability of a concrete roof. It is extremely budget friendly allowing you to stay worry free when getting your commercial roof replaced.

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