picture of synthetic roofing tiles system kansas citySynthetic roofing systems give a commercial property owner the opportunity to have a durable roof covering while maintaining curb appeal. Composite roofing materials look extremely similar to their natural counterparts, but may not hold up to as severe weather conditions like hail or extreme cold, when compared to concrete tiles. Depending on the quality of material though, you should be able to find a good compromise between durability and affordability.

Types of Synthetic Roofing Systems:

  • polymer slate
  • synthetic wood shakes
  • stone-coated steel
  • synthetic underlayment

Synthetic Slate Roof Tiles

While slate roofing systems practically last forever, the biggest downside to commercial installation projects is their cost. With synthetic slate tiles, the you’re able to get that clean and finished look at a fraction of the cost. Polymer slate synthetic roof tiles have actually proven to perhaps last longer than natural slate as they don’t become more brittle as time passes by. Furthermore, hail can sometimes damage and/or splinter natural slate roofs. All synthetic roofing tiles are fire resistant and are great for resisting most weather conditions.

Synthetic Wood Shake Roofing

If curb appeal is a higher priority to your commercial building than durability, then synthetic wood shingles are a great choice. Natural wooden shingles are the most flammable type of roof covering you could get, but they do look great. On top of that, natural cedar shingles lose their color without a UV protective coating and don’t weather well. There are several types of synthetic wood shake roofing options to choose from. They come in a variety of thickness, patterns, and even colors to help increase your commercial real estate’s property value. On top of that, these are very easy to install. Any licensed Kansas City roofing company will be able to install these in a fraction of the time of other standard commercial roofing systems.

Stone Coated Steel Roofing

Stone coated steel roofs are the most durable of all synthetic roofing systems. These steel tiles are pretty easy to swap out if you need a quick repair and have a special coating on them to resist corrosion and repel water. They don’t lose their color under the UV rays of the sun and they also hardly ever need cleaned. Stone coated steel tiles are also available in a variety of colors (just like the other synthetics mentioned above), and are highly fire resistant – since they’re made of metal. While this type of synthetic roofing system is a little more expensive than others, the durability and sleek look might outweigh the cost. It just comes down to personal preference.

Synthetic Roofing Systems in Kansas City

While there are many different commercial roofing companies in Kansas City to choose from, finding a licensed, bonded, and insured contractor with the discipline to do the job right the first time without taking any shortcuts will always be a challenge. That’s why we at Roofing Advisors have dedicated our professional lives to finding the most qualified of all the commercial roofers and adding them to our roster. Call us today for a free estimate on a new synthetic roofing system!

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