How To Make A Green Roof?


If the idea is to transform the look of your home, building, or office while still helping to leave your city with a slightly greener landscape, the green roofs deserve your attention. Installed on normal commercial roofs of homes, offices and any other type of building, the green roofs allow the implantation of soil and

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9 Different Roofing And Roofing Materials For Your Residential Home


If you want ideas for building, remodeling and coat the roof of your house or even a structure, pergola type of garden, this article has ideas for you. Let us give you a shortlist of roofing materials for your home that you can use as a slab structure, as waterproofing or as a simple cladding

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What Is The Use Of Ridge Frost On Your Roof?


A ridge frost is a roof tile that closes the ridge off the roof. Until the mid-eighties of the last century, cement was often used to secure and close the ridge princes. Weather influences and the effect of the roof cause cracks, holes in the cement over time. As a result, the roof is no

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Schedule A Roof Inspection In Time After A Severe Storm


Due to climate change, the earth is constantly warming up. This naturally also has an effect on the temperature in many countries. In addition, we are more often faced with severe storms. Also, in recent years several areas are repeatedly hit by heavy storm winds and heavy showers. Fortunately, you now have a roof over

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What Are The Different Types Of Rain Gutters?


The most popular materials choices for rain gutters are zinc, PVC, aluminum, and copper. In addition, you can also opt for lesser-known materials for roof gutters such as steel or polyester. The material of a roof gutter mainly influences the lifespan and price. Different Types of Roof Gutters Zinc gutter: A zinc roof gutter is

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Cleaning The Rain Gutters


Cleaning your rain gutters is very important. You should have clean rain gutters, especially in the rainy and fall seasons. Cleaning your gutter prevents high costs: Frequently cleaning your gutters prevents you from having to repair or renew them. In the event of a blockage, a gutter can leak and break under the weight of

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What Is The Use Of Light Street On The Roof?


A light street is one long framework that consists of several windows in a row. The coupled window segments are mounted on the roof at an angle of approximately 15°. This partially glass roof construction almost always occurs on flat roofs. Light streets are therefore especially popular on an extension (such as a porch) or

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Repairing The Roof Gutter


A gutter collects the water that runs from your roof and drains it in a neat way. A damaged gutter can cause rainwater to escape in a place where it is not intended and can have nasty consequences. Water running against your facade can cause moisture penetration and damage to your home. You should, therefore,

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Types Of Skylights For Roofs


There are numerous types of roof windows that can have your commercial roofing company install. Of these the rotating roof windows and the expandable roof windows are the best known. They differ in the way the window is opened.  Revolving roof windows (pivoting windows): This type of skylight hinges around a central axis so that

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Extra Options For Comfort And Safety Of A Roof Dome


What is a skylight? Skylights provide ventilation as well as light. It is important to keep the building ventilated. An operable skylight helps in releasing the hot air that is naturally accumulated near the ceiling.  If you want to buy a skylight, then you have it provided with additional options to optimize your comfort and

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