A gutter collects the water that runs from your roof and drains it in a neat way. A damaged gutter can cause rainwater to escape in a place where it is not intended and can have nasty consequences. Water running against your facade can cause moisture penetration and damage to your home. You should, therefore, have your local commercial roofer repair your gutter as soon as possible to avoid mold and damp walls.

What needs to be repaired on the roof gutter?

When water runs out of your gutter, find out what is causing the problem. The following problems may occur:

  • Leakage: Due to age and wear, leaks occur in a gutter over time.
  • Loose gutter: Loose parts ensure that water runs out of the gutter randomly.
  • Clogged drain: Clogging the drain ensures that water does not drain optimally.
  • Corrosion: White moisture corrosion on old zinc gutters due to prolonged exposure to condensation or leakage.

A clogged drain can easily be solved by removing dirt and leaves from the drain. In the case of loose and damaged parts or corrosion, it is best to call in a professional for repairing or replacing your gutter. 

Repair leak in the gutter:

With general repair products such as rubber seal and repair tape, you can easily repair leaks in all types of gutters. Nevertheless, specific problems arise with certain materials from different types of gutters. Specific repair techniques are applied to these problems.

Zinc gutter:

A leak in a zinc gutter is often the result of a weak or damaged solder seam. You repair a seam by soldering it again or reinforcing it with liquid zinc. Liquid zinc, also called zinc renovation coatings, is ideal for sealing cracks and holes in your zinc gutter in addition to a damaged seam.

PVC roof gutter:

Small repair work on a PVC gutter is easy with PVC glue. However, it is cheaper to replace a damaged PVC gutter immediately. The purchase of a new roof gutter suits you better than an investment in repair material and the time you spend repairing.

Aluminum or copper gutter:

Since an aluminum rain gutter is finished with polyester, you repair it with a polyester repair set. With this set, you reinforce any weak spots in the finishing layer. In the event of a leak, use liquid rubber (rubber seal) or repair tape for an aluminum or copper gutter.

Repair or replace gutter?

A leak in your gutter is quickly resolved by simply closing the leak. But when is it best to replace your gutter? 

Your gutter needs to be replaced in the following situations:

Large spills:  many or large spills indicate a gutter in poor condition.

Humidity corrosion: old zinc roof gutters that have been exposed to corrosion and moisture for a long time may show moisture corrosion. You can recognize this corrosion by the white color.

Old gutters:  gutters older than 25 years are not worth the costs. Problems with old gutters will keep piling up.

Know that repair is always a temporary solution. Often a first leak is a sign of multiple cracks and leaks.