If you want ideas for building, remodeling and coat the roof of your house or even a structure, pergola type of garden, this article has ideas for you.

Let us give you a shortlist of roofing materials for your home that you can use as a slab structure, as waterproofing or as a simple cladding and decoration. 

You decide how and where to use it when you install your roof.

Roofing Materials For Your Residential Home

1.Clay, glass, and steel tiles:

A sassy and spectacular combination. A house built with traditional features such as stone, cement, and clay tile walls to which adjoining areas covered by steel structures and glass plates are added, creating a contemporary and sophisticated visual game. This is an excellent choice for a multi-roofed home.

2.Wood and steel:

The option presented here is excellent for the roof of a terrace: modern, light and, depending on size, economical. A delicious combination of rustic and light wood supported by black steel beams.


Structurally, reinforced cement is an excellent option and, when used as a complement to a contemporary, elegant and minimalist cutting residential project, offers a simply fabulous result.

4.Steel plates:

If you want to create an industrial style in your home, in a room, or outdoors, using a steel-roofed structure is a perfect solution. What you need to do is protect the structure with an insulating material, exterior waterproofing, and good anti-corrosive paint.


Wood is an excellent roof covering. It has an apparent structure, and it is perfect as a covering. Perfectly matched with rustic tile, steel, cement, thatched or bamboo details. Basically, it suits everything. You can attach a terrace to your home with a wooden design and you will always get a cool and cozy space.

6.Wood Beams:

For a rustic-looking interior and a charming and warm atmosphere, you don’t need to have a house that is entirely wooden in structure. You can simply install wooden beams inside and the result will be surprising and extremely enjoyable.

7.Ceiling and details:

Ceilings can be clad to protect electrical installations, roof slab and lighting details. They can also be decorated with polished wood beams: they will look elegant and modern.

8.Metal Structure

A good choice for hallways or courtyards is to install a steel metal frame with decorative figures. It sounds cheeky, and really, that’s what it is. The shadow play used is fabulous, the structure allows light to enter and even protects the space. It is simply incredible.

9.Aluminum and polycarbonate

For a hallway, home extension, dining room or conservatory, install an aluminum roof with high-quality polycarbonate boards: the end result will be excellent. This type of structure lets in a great deal of light throughout the day and it protects the space from the weather and creates a unique sense of freedom and freshness.