The most popular materials choices for rain gutters are zinc, PVC, aluminum, and copper. In addition, you can also opt for lesser-known materials for roof gutters such as steel or polyester. The material of a roof gutter mainly influences the lifespan and price.

Different Types of Roof Gutters

Zinc gutter:

A zinc roof gutter is sturdy, frost-resistant and long-lasting. A zinc roof gutter is easy to repair and gives your home a beautiful appearance. But why are more and more people opting for a PVC gutter or aluminum? This is mainly due to the price.

Zinc is a lot more expensive compared to plastic. In addition, the various zinc roof gutters are soldered together. Over time, these seams sometimes form a weak link. A sinking gutter will cost you around 30 euros per meter plus the labor of your roofing company that is installing the roof.

PVC roof gutter:

A PVC gutter is the cheapest solution, but it also has the shortest lifespan. That is why they are mainly used as a gutter for outbuildings, garden houses, and barns. PVC gutters can be installed quickly and easily.

The disadvantage of PVC gutters is that certainly the cheaper variants, are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. In addition, they will sag over time and there is a risk of discoloration. Repairing PVC gutters is not recommended. For the limited cost price, you better replace the gutters immediately. 

Aluminum gutter:

An aluminum roof gutter is corrosion resistant and this is due to its polyester finish. A seamless and durable aluminum roof gutter is a nice alternative to zinc. An aluminum gutter has no seams and therefore no weak spots, unlike zinc that is soldered together.

Even though aluminum as a raw material is a lot more expensive than zinc, that does not mean that placing aluminum roof gutters is more expensive.

Copper gutter:

The gutter with the longest service life is undoubtedly the copper gutter. Choosing a buyer is going for quality. The luxurious appearance of copper makes copper gutters ideal for villas and townhouses.

A disadvantage of the buyer is the cost price, which starts from 40 dollars per meter. Also, keep in mind that after a while the buyer gets a somewhat green appearance. In addition, the copper roof gutters are soldered together, creating a risk of leaks here too. Positive is that the buyer requires little maintenance.