A ridge frost is a roof tile that closes the ridge off the roof. Until the mid-eighties of the last century, cement was often used to secure and close the ridge princes. Weather influences and the effect of the roof cause cracks, holes in the cement over time. As a result, the roof is no longer fully watertight. This affects the wood and insulation material of the roof and will be in need of a roof replacement soon.

Repair of the ridge frost:

To repair the current ridge princes, we first make them moss-free. Then we re-secure the ridge princes with a plastic roof mortar. This roof mortar is flexible, which means it moves with the different weather conditions. The plastic roof mortar is available in different colors.

Ridge frost renovation:

With ridge frost renovation, the old ridge frosts are removed and replaced. The new ridge frosts are equipped with ventilation openings so that the underlying roof is better ventilated. This way the moisture finds its way out.

Are your ridge princes still fixed?

Firstly, the ridge frosts ensure that your roof sections are securely fastened. They also ensure a neat finish with their shape. Without good ridge frosts, roof problems quickly arise. Ridge princes who are in good condition and securely attached, leave your roof tiles in place. Precisely because these ridge princes are located on the highest edge of your home, they must be able to withstand weather and wind. With correct mounting, they can withstand any storm and prevent roof tile shifts.

When a professional does the roof inspection for you, they will notify you when the ridge princes can cause roof damage. If problems have already arisen, we will take care of the ridge frost repair and the necessary maintenance.

On older houses, the ridge frosts are laid in cement grout. But nowadays flexim roof mortar is used. This product is extremely strong and permanently elastic. The big advantage is that this material can shrink and expand: it moves with all weather conditions. That makes the product extremely sustainable in any climate.

Older houses often have loose ridge princes:

So if you have an older house, then an additional inspection is necessary. The used grout becomes porous or shows cracks over time. This causes the ridge princes to come loose. Roof problems such as rain and roof leaks can then be expected.