What is a skylight?

Skylights provide ventilation as well as light. It is important to keep the building ventilated. An operable skylight helps in releasing the hot air that is naturally accumulated near the ceiling. 

If you want to buy a skylight, then you have it provided with additional options to optimize your comfort and the safety of your home.


  • Burglar-proof materials:


Nowadays you no longer have to fear for a burglary through a roof dome. Indeed, there are enough models available that meet resistance class 2 even without the addition of barrier bars. 

These roof domes are fitted with high-efficiency safety glazing and have a strong upstand that is screwed to the roof itself. These burglar-resistant roof domes meet all the standards that also apply to windows and doors.


  • Skylight awning:


On warm days, roof domes can let in a lot of sun and warmth. To prevent extreme heat inside and to optimize your comfort, there is special sun protection, adapted to the type and shape of your roof dome. Skylight awning can be installed both on the outside and on the inside. The system is similar to screens. The electric remote control is of course possible.


  • Remote control:


For extra comfort, you can opt for electric control of your skylight. This can be done via remote control, but there are also options to open the dome at automatically set times. This way you ventilate your home at the times that suit you best.

Roof dome maintenance: 6 Tips

Clean wet: Often there is sand or other dirt on the dome. When you rub it on with a dry cloth, it functions as sandpaper. Wet cleaning with a neutral detergent and a soft cloth will prevent scratches.

Use the correct sponges: Always clean the dome with a soft sponge or cloth. Never use abrasives or scourers. Because of the scratches that you cause, the problem only gets worse.

Use the correct cleaning agents: Always clean with a neutral cleaning product. Avoid chemical cleaners such as benzene, white spirit, spirits, glass cleaners, chlorine, etc.

Cleaning rinses: Rinse the cleaning dome thoroughly to remove loose dirt and sand.

Remove green deposits with a special spray: These remedies are efficient and ensure that the skylight remains scratch-free.

Do not remove insects with an insect spray: There is a risk that you will irreparably damage a plastic roof dome.

Why choose a skylight?

Are you interested in a roof dome, but you are not yet convinced? We provide an overview of the most important features:

  • Possible in different versions: Available in different materials and shapes so that you can perfectly match the dome to your taste and the style of your home.
  • It gives you extra protection from the sun, electrical control, burglary protection, etc.
  • Ideal to combine with renewing a flat roof. 
  • More light:  Light enters a pleasant atmosphere in the house and makes the room look bigger. In addition to a roof dome, there are other ways to bring in more light through the roof. Read more about installing a skylight or dormer.