A light street is one long framework that consists of several windows in a row. The coupled window segments are mounted on the roof at an angle of approximately 15°. This partially glass roof construction almost always occurs on flat roofs. Light streets are therefore especially popular on an extension (such as a porch) or conservatory.

Since skylights are present, a lot of day and sunlight can invade. In addition, the interior space will appear optically larger. There are standard models of light streets, but in most cases, it is advisable to opt for customization. A light street creates a pleasant indoor climate. If desired, you can also open the windows (electrically), so that the room is ventilated well.

Possible versions of a light street:

A light street can have many different appearances, depending on the materials, shapes, and dimensions chosen. This can be placed for both new construction and renovation work, although you will have to pay more in the latter case. If you want to renew your flat roof, it is, therefore, a good time to consider a light street. It is also possible to install it in a roof with roof tiles.

What are the possible materials used?

  • The light street frame can be made of three possible materials: plastic, wood or aluminum.  
  • Aluminum is particularly common. These materials of the framework are available in different colors.
  • With regard to the windows themselves, you have the choice between glass and plastic (matte or transparent polycarbonate or acrylic sheets).
  • If you opt for glass, you still have to determine which type of glass you choose. Safety glass or laminated glass is very useful to prevent break-ins. Moreover, the glass will not break if something falls on it.
  • If you opt for laminated glass only, you must be aware that this does not have an insulating effect. Nowadays, laminated high-efficiency glass (HR + or HR ++) has almost become the standard. This has excellent heat-insulating properties. 
  • If the light street and extension are exposed to a lot of suns, you can opt for sun protection glass. This glass reflects the sun’s rays so that the heat is kept out during the summer. 

Different shapes and dimensions:

If you want to have a light street installed, you also have to think carefully about the size and shape of the construction. For example, opt for a light street in the form of a gable roof (pyramid), a hipped roof or a music stand roof. A lectern roof consists of only one sloping roof surface; it can be mounted freestanding or against an adjacent facade. You can also choose the dimensions yourself.

Advantages and disadvantages of a light street:

  • Light streets offer many advantages. An overview of all advantages and disadvantages:
  • A light street looks attractive, elegant and sometimes even luxurious.
  • If you opt for insulating safety glass, you can even save on your energy costs.
  • A light street draws a lot of light in thanks to its horizontal location. This light is favorable for living comfortably in the home.
  • This roof construction gives you a greater sense of space in the house, which is especially interesting in smaller rooms.
  • The construction is always placed on a watertight upstand.


  • Streets are generally more expensive than a roof dome; the construction materials cost more and it usually involves customization that can only be done an expert roofing company.
  • This construction is also slightly more difficult to install than roof domes.