There are numerous types of roof windows that can have your commercial roofing company install. Of these the rotating roof windows and the expandable roof windows are the best known. They differ in the way the window is opened. 

Revolving roof windows (pivoting windows):

This type of skylight hinges around a central axis so that it can be rotated 180 degrees. Revolving roof windows can be mounted on roofs with a roof slope between 15° and 90°. They are equipped with a ventilation valve so that space is ventilated without having to open the window. The handle of a revolving roof window is at the top so that you can put a layer of furniture under the window.

Advantages: Easy to clean on the outside, safe for children, presence of ventilation valve.

Expandable roof window (drop windows):

Unlike with a revolving roof window, the window does not pivot about a central axis, but the hinges are attached to the top. This allows the window to be swiveled up to 45° outwards. The window is operated at the bottom. There are skylights that can function as both expandable and rotating. Expandable roof windows are suitable for roofs with a roof slope between 15° and 55°.

Advantages: Panoramic view, a greater sense of space, with ventilation, in case of emergency you can go outside.

Skylight for flat roofs:

For a flat roof,  roof domes, skylights, and light tunnels are suitable to get more daylight into a room. Roof domes and skylights can be provided with electrical components so that you can open them remotely. This is particularly useful in places where it is difficult to reach. Light tunnels are very useful for transporting daylight to spaces where it is not possible or desirable to install a roof dome.

Combination of roof windows:

You can combine roof windows with each other so that you can achieve a large surface of the glass. For example, you can mount two tumbler windows next to each other or above each other with the help of connecting troughs. You can also combine expansion elements with fixed vertical elements. By combining windows you can also make all kinds of special constructions such as a mini balcony (balcony window) or a small roof terrace.

Balcony window:

A balcony window consists of an expandable window and a vertically expandable element. A balcony window opens in two parts. It is actually a sort of fold-out mini balcony where the bottom window serves as a balustrade at the same time. So you have the feeling that you are outside while this is not actually the case. If you really want to go outside, then other constructions are better suited, such as the roof terrace window.

Roof terrace window

When you combine expansion windows with hinged door elements, you can also make a balcony/roof terrace on a sloping roof. There are special packages on the market with which you can realize this. Please note that you need a building permit for these types of constructions because you are going to change the appearance of the facade and there will be a change in function.

These are the different types of skylights available for flat roofs.