Cleaning your rain gutters is very important. You should have clean rain gutters, especially in the rainy and fall seasons.

Cleaning your gutter prevents high costs:

Frequently cleaning your gutters prevents you from having to repair or renew them. In the event of a blockage, a gutter can leak and break under the weight of the accumulated dirt and water. Because a clogged gutter does not drain the water properly, the excess water will also run over the edge and thus over the facade. This can eventually cause molds and damp spots on the walls. With wood cladding, the wet wood can even start to rot. Poor maintenance of your roof gutter, therefore, entails risks for the gutter itself, roof and the walls.

Prevent clogged guttering:

Gutters clog because of leaves, moss, bird nests and other dirt. Cleaning the gutter regularly is the best way to prevent blockage. 

1.Clean the roof:

From your roof, dirt and moss can end up in the gutter. You can avoid that by cleaning and demining your roof. After cleaning/dismounting the roof, it is recommended to have a roof coating applied. Your roof will then be better protected against the weather and algae and mosses will also be less likely to adhere to the roof.

2.Shield the gutter:

After a gutter cleaning, it is best to have the gutter protected by yourself. To avoid leaves and branches, it is best to place a ball wire grid or leaf ball grid above the drain. Cover the gutter with mesh or a covering place. 

The price always depends on the material and collection system. 

Tip: prune branches that hang close to your gutter, so that no green waste ends up in the gutters.

Also, take bird nests into account. According to nature conservation law, you cannot simply remove this yourself. A roof cleaner knows the rules about this. You can also prevent birds from building a nest in your drain by installing bird scraps. Mind you, if you apply bird scraps but do not clean your gutter, the price of some roof cleaners will be higher than if you combine the 2 pieces.

Cleaning or outsourcing the rain gutter yourself?

As long as your roof is low and you have the necessary knowledge and suitable material, you can clean your gutters yourself. Although labor costs are saved, you do have to rent expensive scaffolding and purchase the material. It is therefore not necessarily cheaper than having your gutter cleaned, by a professional roofer.

For your safety and convenience, it is recommended that you use a rain gutter cleaner. It has quality products and safe aerial platforms. A professional knows how to remove dirt without damaging the gutter itself. He also checks the condition of the gutters and gives advice on keeping them clean for a long time.

How often do I have to clean the gutters?

Cleaning your rain gutter and downspout is ideally done at least once a year. In a green environment, where autumn leaves and spring blossoms end up in the gutter faster, you have to clean the gutters several times and check them in between. Many cleaning companies offer an annual contract in the form of a subscription or a call-off contract. That is often cheaper than separate cleaning cycles.