Looks like you maybe on the fence about slate roofing, or at least interested in finding out the benefits of slate roofing

A modern roof must meet a number of requirements, which has increased significantly in recent years. Previously, the roof needed only protection from precipitation, but now it has added standards for strength, resistance to temperature, incombustibility, noise, heat insulation, environmental friendliness, and aesthetic appearance.


So the best commercial roofing material which meets the above requirements is Slate. Slate is a type of roofing material that has an impressive array of benefits. Being one of the oldest building materials, it has good durability and a long lifespan. Despite the cost, it offers good resistance to fire and wind.


Benefits of Slate Roofing:

Environmental friendly:

Slate is an environmentally friendly building material that your local industrial roofing company should carry. It does not contain any toxic and harmful components. Every year 5 percent of landfill wastes are caused by roof replacement. Since the lifespan of this material is long it does not need to get replaced every 10 or 20 years and thus it avoids environmental land pollution.


Resistance to mechanical stress:

Slate is a mixture of cement, chrysotile, and water. When it is mixed with cement, the chrysotile fibers form a reinforcing mesh, which gives the slate high strength. To increase the slate’s strength, they give it a wavy shape by rolling through some special shapes.

As a result, a sheet of wave slate laid horizontally so that it can withstand the weight of an adult from 70-80 kg. And slate laid on the roof with an angle of at least 30° is able to withstand snow pressure at 1 meter thick.



Slate roofing will easily last for 100 years. This is the highest figure among all roofing materials, which is confirmed by real practice. So the manufacturers give 100 years warranty for this slate tiles. Due to its incredible lifespan, it can add more value to your property while selling it.



The slate is famous for its appearance and nowadays the slate tiles come in a variety of colors and styles. The slate is also available in many sizes and thicknesses. So the house owners have numerous choices for selecting the perfect slate roof for their house.


Resistant to temperature changes and low thermal conductivity:

Slate does not deform and even does not crack from the effects of frost at -50° C and heat. In addition to this, the slate itself acts as a heat insulator of the roof. The thermal conductivity of the slate is 0.35 W / m⋅K. This material helps to maintain a good microclimate in the attic space.


Fire safety

There are no substances present in the slate that supports combustion. It is made up of cement, asbestos, and water. In critical situations, the slate can withstand heat up to 600° C.  So it offers better fire resistance.

The slate roof tile offers so many benefits. But the biggest con of this slate roof tile is the cost but it is worth spending money for a roof that will long last with good aesthetic appeal and long durability.