What is concrete roofing?

Concrete roofing tile is a building material that increasingly brings more options and adds value to its segment in the market. The material has gained attraction over the years especially because of the numerous benefits it has like finishing, practicality, and others.

Though it is very expensive when compared to the asphalt shingle roofing, the high cost of concrete tile is actually justified by its quality, dimensional uniformity, lower porosity and also its perfect fit. There are currently some models of concrete tiles like flat tiles, but still, the traditional one is the most used.


What is asphalt shingle roofing?

The asphalt roofing shingles are made with basalt, asphalt and fiberglass layers, These are the materials that guarantee the perfect combination of aesthetics, functionality, performance, and ease of handling. These shingles are used in the sloping roofs, residential buildings, etc. They are also called as asphalt composite shingles due to their layered construction. But still, it is not very strong to handle worse climatic conditions like concrete roofing.


Concrete Roofing Vs Asphalt Shingle Roofing:

  • Durability:

The concrete roof tiles are designed to look attractive and last long for the building. This type of tile is made up of high-quality concrete, it is ideal for countries with harsh climates, but the asphalt shingles are weak and flimsy and they can’t withstand any seasonal weather conditions.


  • Low maintenance requirements:

After installing concrete tiles, it will need the most minimal maintenance. If part of the roof is damaged or needs modification (for example, repairing ), only damaged tiles will require replacement, for this, you do not need to disassemble the entire roofing system. In the case of the asphalt shingles, they also need low maintenance. You can give a chemical coating to prevent algae formation in the asphalt shingles.


  • Cost:

The concrete roof tiles are very expensive when compared to the asphalt shingle. This is due to the lower porosity and strength of the concrete tiles. If you have a low budget then you can prefer the asphalt shingle roofing. To get a better idea of cost give your local commercial roofing company a call.


  • Range of colors:

The modern concrete roof tiles are made of cement, varietal sand and pigments. Many companies have already managed to develop a wide range of tile colors, so everyone can be sure that they can find their right color. The asphalt shingles are also available in a variety of colors.


  • Fire resistance:

Concrete tiles are non-flammable and can be used in areas exposed to high temperatures and in areas with frequent thunderstorms. While the asphalt shingles are weak and it can break easily and are non-resistance to fire.


  • Less risk of wind damage: 

The concrete roof withstands the effects of strong winds. While other shingles can be easily damaged, and an urgent replacement is required.


  • Climate:

The concrete tiles are strong and hard and it is suitable for all climate types especially it can withstand storms.  Since it doesn’t absorb heat or moisture, it does not get damaged easily. But the Asphalt shingles can not handle extreme climatic conditions. They can crack and break easily causing heavy damage to your roof.


  • Comfort in the room:

The thermal characteristics of the roof affect the temperature inside the house.  The energy used to maintain temperatures at a comfortable level inside the house is high. The concrete roofing system has lighter color tiles and increased insulation, so they can reduce the need for intensive cooling in the house, which will save money on electricity bills when compared to the asphalt shingles.


  • Easy to install:

The asphalt shingle roofing is very easy to install when compared to the concrete tile roofing. Since the concrete tiles are heavy they need some equipment to lift them up and install.