Do you have plans to place a roof in your garden? Then there are few choices awaiting for you. Consider the location, size, design, and material of the roof. The latter relates to both the construction and the roofing of a roof. I will help you to make your choice by sharing 10 roof coverings for a roof with you.

1. Glass roof covering:

Have you chosen to place a veranda in the garden? A glass roofing is then an excellent option as a roof. Glass offers a nice incidence of light without any form of distortion. In addition, you will hear a little noise in the rain. Another advantage of glass is that it is a smooth material that is less sensitive to contamination than plastic. It is a nice, sustainable solution that is not susceptible to aging.

2.Plastic roof (polycarbonate):

Polycarbonate (plastic) is also an excellent material to use as a roof covering for a roof. This material is lightweight, flexible and (in contrast to glass) easy to install. In addition, polycarbonate is much cheaper to purchase than glass.

3.Corrugated sheets with roof:

Following the polycarbonate roof, I want to name the corrugated sheet roof. You can also place these in a transparent version or in a variant that does not allow light to pass through. The material is perfect for smaller structures such as a roof in the garden. It is important that your roof slopes are oblique (at least seven degrees), otherwise, the rainwater will remain on your roof. There are various types of corrugated sheets: bitumen, PVC, PET, and polyester corrugated sheets. The last three types allow some light through.

4.Light street shelter:

Do you want to close your roof but also want some light to shine in? Then choose a light street. This shape is applicable to a roof where you sit underneath but also to a roof where you can store your things. A light street can easily be integrated into many solutions for your roof covering.

5.Cover the roof with EPDM:

When the roof does not have to be transparent, you can also choose to cover the roof with EPDM. This is a kind of rubber that is fairly easy to apply to the roof without the need for a burner or with separate rollers. Because you can apply EPDM seamlessly, you make your roof completely waterproof. The material is suitable for flat and sloping roofs.

6.Aquaplane roof plate:

An aquaplane roof plate is actually ready-made plates on which 35 roof tiles are mounted. It is a lightweight and modular concept that can certainly be used for your canopy in your garden. You can best see this as a whole of metal roof tile plates in which the associated wind springs and ridge pieces are integrated. You are only connected to a certain format.

7.Authentic roof:

The step to an authentic roof made of roof tiles is then made easy. This is a somewhat heavy construction but with quality that has more than proved itself.

8.Roof shingles:

Many people are opting for roof shingles. It is a very decorative solution that is easy to apply. You can apply roof shingles on an even wooden surface with a slope of at least 25 degrees.

9.Solar panels:

You can of course also choose to give your roof a useful function. What do you think about installing a solar panel? You will automatically recoup all your costs! You will spend less on your energy bills. If you have solar panels on your roof.

10.Planting or lawn:

You can also shape the roof in a style that completely fits your garden. Choose a roof on which you can grow a lawn or even planting. You can see this as a form of diagonal gardening.