Renovating or renewing a roof is the best job. It may seem simple, but there is a lot involved in it. By having a roof inspection carried out in advance, you have a better picture of the situation and you know what to take into account. 

We are happy to share 7 tips that can save you time and money!

TIP 1: Combine renovation with insulation:

With many old roofs, there is little or no roof insulation. Without insulation, up to 30% of heat is lost through the roof. The costs of this on the energy bill can be around 500 dollars. PIR insulation is recommended when insulating the roof. This has the highest insulation value and is available in various lengths and thicknesses.

TIP 2: Construction of the roof:

In favorable cases, the roof construction does not need to be replaced, even if it has sagged. Certain parts can be replaced or supported with extra beams and planks. By placing a shelter, the roof covering and the insulation material is protected against moisture, dirt, and wind.

TIP 3: Immediately waterproof the roof:

Weather is unpredictable in our country sometimes. By starting with the application of an EPDM membrane, the roof is immediately protected against precipitation. EPDM is the ideal roof covering for renovation. The foil consists of one piece cut to size, so there are no seams and the roof is immediately watertight. In addition, EPDM can simply be laid over the old bituminous roof covering and is root-resistant: an extremely suitable roof covering for green roofs!

TIP 4: Choose a green roof:

A green roof has many advantages, such as sound insulation, an insulating effect against heat in the summer and it binds fine dust. Moreover, it makes a positive contribution to the water management of water and the life span of the roof. Where a bitumen roof lasts on average 20 – 25 years, the lifespan of a green roof is considerably longer. 

TIP 5: Reuse old roof tiles or use roof shingles:

After roof inspection, if the tiles have no hidden frost damage, you can consider reusing the tiles. Have the good pans cleaned and the bad ones replaced with new ones. This way your home retains its own character and appearance. Roof shingles are a widely used alternative to roof tiles. These are available in different colors.

TIP 6: Partially replace the roof:

When you inspect the roof and if it shows that it has no hidden defects and certain parts of the roof are in good condition, Then you can choose to partially replace the roof. This saves a lot of money and time. The old roof covering can serve as a base layer and when the roof is pre-lubricated with a Quick Primer, you can easily burn a new bitumen top layer over it with the special renovation rollers.

TIP 7: Renovate the gutter immediately:

If you renew the roof, replace the gutter immediately. It is cheaper to have it replaced during the renovation than when it has to be done separately.