From an environmental point of view, many people all over the world are opting to install a green roof. This type of roof insulates well and can be placed on a home as well as on business premises. Since the plants are placed on the roof, the roof construction must be based on this. If you do not have this investigated and if you are simply going to install a green roof, it is very likely that the roof will collapse over time due to the weight of the green cover.

Is my roof suitable for green?

As said, a green roof requires a lot of extra weight. A green roof weighs around 75 kilos per square meter. This requires a robust roof construction. In addition, the roof must be provided with good water drainage and roof covering must be installed in a way that it can block water and the roots of the green roof. A green roof can generally be laid on flat and sloping roofs, provided that the roof is no steeper than 65 degrees and the structure has sufficient bearing capacity.

Have your roof construction checked:

To make sure that your roof construction is strong enough to support a green roof, it is advisable to engage a roofer who can take a closer look at your construction. He knows what is involved when installing a green roof and can, therefore, tell you exactly to what extent the current construction is strong enough for the green roof covering.

Install the green roof:

If your construction has been found strong enough by the roofer, you can start laying the green roof. When installing this type of roof covering, it is important that you place everything accurately. If you do not do this, there is a chance that the cover will not work properly. Do you have no idea how to start? Then it would be a good idea to hire a roofer. This way you know for sure that your green roof is laid in the right way and that can prevent a lot of problems.