Do you suffer from a dirty roof? Give your home a nice looking roof by cleaning the roof surface properly. But what are the options for obtaining a beautiful roof and protecting it in the future? Here we explained few steps for proper roof maintenance regularly.

Roof cleaning methods:

The overview below shows an example of a step-by-step plan to get a beautiful roof again. This is the complete step-by-step plan with a roof coating.

  1. Roof inspection
  2. Cleaning the roof using a high-pressure cleaner with dirt cutter
  3. Masking of walls, chimneys and dormer windows
  4. Applying algae and moss killer
  5. Applying primer
  6. Applying roof coating

Roof Inspection:

It is very important to inspect the roof to check its condition before cleaning it. If your roof is dirty and needs cleaning, then you can just clean your roof by following the methods given below.  But if it is damaged or has any other problem then you must restore or replace it.

Cleaning the roof:

A dirty roof must be cleaned first. With the help of a high-pressure syringe, and a dirt milling tool you can easily remove all dirt and mosses. And one should only use a deep cleaner or cleaning agent diluted with water to clean the roof. You must not use any cleaning agent that can affect glass, aluminum, latex paint, and varnish. Depending on the type of roofing material and the condition of the roofing material, one will opt for one of the given methods below.

2 methods:

There are 2 methods to clean and spray the roof tiles and slates:

  1. Manual cleaning: The cleaning product is poured onto the dirty roof after which it is allowed to dry without rinsing. Finally, the dirt is removed with a brush
  2. Spray method: In this method, the cleaning product is sprayed onto the roof covering with a high-pressure sprayer. This is highly used to remove stubborn dirt. After spraying, it is treated with a brush and then removed. Finally, the high-pressure sprayer is used again on the roof coverings and in this way the roof is completely cleaned.

After the roof is cleaned, a new layer of algae and moss killer will be applied.

Impregnate roof / apply primer:

Are you planning to coat your roof tiles, slates, and concrete tiles? then you must first apply a primer. This product ensures good adhesion of the elastic roofing yard. Pre-cleaning with a de-mossing product is not necessary. The good weather condition is needed while applying the primer on the roof. It must be applied on a clean, dust-free and grease-free roof. And never apply the primer during the rainy season.

Roof coating:

A roof coating is not essential, but it is recommended. The coating is the application of an anti-moss, anti-dirt and moisture-resistant layer on your roof tiles or slates. It is also called elastic acrylic rubber paint. Such a coating is applied after de-mossing, cleaning, and impregnating your roof. It is UV resistant and will considerably extend the life of your roof covering. 

Roof coating is a paste that is applied by hand with the roller/brush or airless. After applying the coating, it penetrates into your roof covering, so that it lays a layer of approximately 1 to 3 cm, depending on the amount of product used. It is advisable to place a minimum of 2 layers, depending on the condition of the roof covering.

The roof coating prevents the penetration of water, moss, and algae on the pans/slates. The roof coating can be applied in various colors such as aluminum gray, slate gray, anthracite, dark anthracite, royal blue, blue-black, red, burgundy, red-brown, mocha, dark brown-black… so you can choose a color that you wish.

So, when roof coating is done, your roof will look new again. If you are not good at it then you can hire one of the commercial roofing company who does the work for you.