Cleaning Your Roof Tiles In 3 steps [step-by-step plan]

Roof tiles have an important function. They protect houses against the bad weather condition. So it is important to regularly clean the roof tiles. In addition, it is also important to maintain it properly. Since this is a specific job, it is good to have this done by a professional. This gives the certainty that everything is done correctly. 

The importance of cleaning roof tiles

The main problem is the formation of algae on the roof tiles. They affect the roof tiles by making them less strong. As a result, they ultimately no longer suffice. Another problem that can be solved through proper maintenance is the sunken roof tiles. They can be replaced correctly during maintenance. 

The consequences of all these problems are usually leakage. This is especially true in the case of algae attack. It is necessary to remove the algae from the roof tiles.

The sunken roof tiles also create problems if the roof tiles are no longer in the good condition and they will also start to leak.

Clean and maintain roof tiles:

Cleaning and maintaining roof tiles by a roofer can solve all these problems. This starts with sunken roof tiles. Maintenance should be done in the perfect time to put the dropped pans back to the right place. 

The actual work during the maintenance of the roof tiles is cleaning. Residents often do the cleaning work by handling the high-pressure spray by themselves and take preventive measures. However, real cleaning works better and prevents damage when it is carried out by a roofer. It is important to do de-mossing carefully. When the roofer does the demossing process, he will be focused more. Moreover, it is also safer than climbing the roof by yourself.

The roofer follows the following step-by-step plan:

1. Inspect and prepare:

In the first step, the roofer inspects the roof tile and notes the damages. This way the correct method to clean the roof can be determined. This is especially important to clean the roof properly and safely

2. Cleaning roof tiles:

In the second step, the major cleaning work is done. The dirt is washed away with the high-pressure sprayer. The algae that have formed on the pans can be easily cleaned using this sprayer. Moreover, this is the preparatory activity for the final step.

3.Protection of roof tiles against algae and moss:

The last step adds great value. Now the roofer can ensure that the roof tiles are even better protected against the dangers from outside. This can be done by coating and impregnating the roof. When coating, a new top layer is provided. The old layer is slowly worn away by use, but with the new layer, the pans are optimal again. By subsequently impregnating the roof, the roof tiles also become less dirty and water-repellent.

Periodic cleaning:

To ensure that the roof and roof tiles remain protective, periodic cleaning is important. Have the roofer carry out the work regularly. Good regularity in periodic cleaning is an important step in ensuring that the roof remains in order.