Commercial roof replacement or restoration is one of the most important decisions you have to make about your house. It depends on whether your roof has leaks and how quickly they can damage your building or home, or maybe you want to create better indoor comfort conditions. A complete inspection has to be done on your roof, only then you can decide whether you need to restore or replace it.

What is Commercial roof restoration?

In roof restoration, you will do minor changes to your roof without removing the roof material. Roof restoration is about cleaning the roofs, maintaining them, fixing the roof leakages and resurfacing the roof to prolong its life. The main advantage of roof restoration is, it is very cheap when compared to re-roofing.

What is Commercial roof replacement?

Roof replacement is totally different from roof restoration. If your roof has too many damages like multiple leaks, broken tiles, holes, moisture captured on the roof or anything else, then you need to go for roof replacement and hire a licensed commercial roofing company. You need to remove the roof material completely and then replace it with new material. You can either overlay new shingles to the existing ones or tear off the old ones and add new shingles to your roof.

Factors to decide whether you need to replace or restore your commercial roof:

When renovating a roof, whether you restore the roof or replace it, it is essential to consider some critical factors.

  • If your roof has been leaking in some places then you can simply restore it. But if it is leaking in many places and has broken shingles with additional problems then it is better to replace it completely. 
  • Your roof’s age is an important factor to consider. Different roof materials or tiles have different lifespans. For example, if it is an asphalt shingle then the lifespan is about 15 to 30 years so when this roof is damaged a little then you can just restore it, but you need to replace it when the lifespan is over.
  • Roof replacement is quite expensive. So you can just lay another layer of shingles on the existing shingles as it is less costly than completely tearing off the shingles and replacing it.

Pros and cons of commercial roof restoration vs roof replacement:

Pros of roof restoration:

1] Inexpensive:

The main advantage of roof restoration is the cost. Roof restoring is very cheap when compared to roof replacement. 

2]Increased Lifespan:

The life span of the roof is extended by restoring the small damages and also by maintaining the roofs properly. So it is better to address the minor issues on your roof regularly.

3]Less time:

Roof restoration can consume very less time. It mainly depends on how many changes you need to make on your roof.

Cons of roof restoration:

1] The roof restoration does not suit every situation. If your roof is in worse condition and if you just restore it then it can end in causing a lot of problems. So it is better to contact a professional to inspect your roof and then decide whether you need to replace or restore.

Pros of roof replacement:


Living under a damaged roof is highly dangerous. It may collapse and can injure anyone. When you replace your damaged roof then you can assure yourself that you are safe.

2]Adds more value:

If you are planning to sell your house, a new roof will add more value to your property.

Cons of roof replacement:

1] Expensive:

The main disadvantage of roof replacement is the cost. Its costs are very high when compared to the commercial roof repair or restoration.

2] Consumes time:

The roof replacement is not a quick process. If you want to tear off these shingles completely and replace it, then it consumes more time than overlaying of shingles. This is why many people would prefer roof restoration.

Which is better? Commercial Roof Replacement or Restoration

If you are confused about what to do whether roof restoration or roof replacement, then it is better to approach a professional to inspect the roof completely. Professionals would conduct a lot of tests on your roof to check whether your roof is in good condition. Core testing is done to determine whether your overall roof condition is good. If your shingles are damaged then it is better to go for restoration and it saves you a lot of money. But if your roofs have underlying problems then replacing it is advisable.