Having a roof over your head is so nice. It is important that this roof is in good condition. For example, damage to your roof can cause leaks. If you have a sticky roof and it is a bit older, it may be a good idea to have it renovated. It is generally said that after about 20 years it is time for a new roof covering.

This article discusses the different types of roofing that you can choose if you have a flat roof. You can choose from bitumen, EPDM or PVC roofing. Those who are really environmentally aware can opt for a green roof.

Bitumen roofing material:

Bitumen roofing is the most common form of roofing on flat roofs. It is made from a liquid that is based on petroleum. Bitumen is a sustainable material. This roof cover is easy to install and is resistant to rain and other weather influences. The bottom of the roof covering is mounted on the roof with a burner. This ensures a firm adhesion. With bitumen roofing, you can take it again for many years.

EPDM roofing:

Another sustainable material choice is EPDM roofing. It is not the cheapest choice, but it does bring all sorts of benefits. This synthetic rubber is very similar to bitumen. It is a very elastic material, is not sensitive to UV radiation and will last a very long time (40 to 50 years). Another major advantage is that EPDM roofing can be made to measure. This ensures a considerably lower risk of leaks. You can also walk over this roof and it requires no maintenance, unlike bitumen roofing.

PVC roofing:

PVC roofing material is made of plastic. Unlike bitumen roofs, PVC can be placed on the flat roof without a burner. Furthermore, with this roofing, you enjoy the same benefits that bitumen roofing also offers. PVC can also be ordered in a white version. This variant can better withstand higher temperatures and UV radiation. In terms of maintenance, you have to remove dirt twice a year. This prevents leaks.

Are you Environmentally conscious? Go for a green roof

Those who love green can opt for a green roof. You place mosses, grasses, shrubs, and even trees on your roof. This ensures a much longer lifespan of your roof (extension up to 40 years). The reason for this is that the bottom layer (the layer on which the greenery is placed) cannot be affected by weather conditions. EPDM and PVC roof covering can be used for this underlay.