Do you want to live in an energy-neutral way, but would rather not have solar panels on your roof? Then there is recently a new innovation in the field of roofing on the market that fits you perfectly: glass roof tiles. A roofing company, which specializes in solar energy, has developed a patented heating system with these glass roof tiles. This way you not only enjoy a warm house but also give your home a unique appearance.

This type of glass tile also offers high protection against the sun, so that the temperature in indoors does not rise too high, even when it is very hot outside. A glass roof is usually combined with a traditional roof covering / roofing sheets or materials such as wood or aluminum.

How does the system work with glass roof tiles?

The glass roof tiles provide a greenhouse effect. The heat is stored through the roof and it is used elsewhere in the house. The roof tiles are placed on black cloth to fully absorb the sunlight. Solar collectors are provided, through which a liquid circulates, which is heated by the sun. The stored energy is then led into the house into the existing heating system.

The roof tiles can be best placed towards the south on a roof with a slope of 45 degrees, they even work well on roofs with a slope of 22 degrees. The optimum slope depends on how close your home is to the equator. In combination with a special collector, the glass roof tiles can accommodate up to 350-kilowatt hours of solar heat per square meter of the roof, depending on the climate, the wind region and the slope of the roof.

What are the benefits of glass roof tiles?

The custom glass roofing has many benefits. This custom job in your roofing is very effective and brings more advantages to your roof. 

In addition to the energy yield, glass roof tiles also offer other advantages. It is possible to place the roof tiles on other solar collectors or even solar panels. The energy from solar panels thus comes on top of the energy that is generated through the glass roof tile system. Your solar panels are also protected against the weather.

Energy costs will fall throughout the year, even during winter days and at night. This is because it has the capacity to store heat in the insulating layers of air under the fabric so that less heat is lost. Snow will not remain on this special glass roof tiles.

Houses are becoming more and more energy-neutral and less heat is lost so house owners benefit by saving energy bills. 

Points to consider when installing a new glass roof:

Depending on the size of your home and the type of construction, you can choose the dimensions of your glass roof yourself. Of course, there are also limitations and you have to take a number of technical aspects into account. Glass has a high specific weight, so keep in mind that the structure must be able to support the glass roof. 

Furthermore, sufficient attention must also be paid to a number of safety regulations. Use only safety glass. A film is placed between the different layers of safety glass so that the glass does not fall into thousands of pieces if it breaks. Certainly, when the glass roof is also used as a ceiling, and therefore as a floor, a high bending breaking strength is important.