Roof insulation is very essential for your house to protect you from the cold season. The heat should not move out quickly from your roof on cold days. So well-insulated roofing is of great importance. 

By properly insulating your roof, the heat will stay longer. This not only makes the temperature more pleasant, but you also save a considerable amount of money on your energy bill. 

Good roof insulation is important to insulate your home. But which type of roofing material actually insulates the best? We will first explain the insulation value of different types of roofing for you. Then the options for a flat and sloping roof.

The insulation value of roof tiles:

Many houses have roof tiles as a roofing material. This is the cheapest way of roofing and the tiles are available in many different colors, types, and sizes. However, the insulation value of the roof tiles is quite low. Only in combination with the right insulation material the correct insulation of your home can be achieved.

The insulation value of a thatched roof:

Unlike roof tiles, reed insulates very well. Although it is more expensive, it will certainly pay for itself in the long term. This is because the heating costs are lower, which reduces the energy bill. With reed, it is not necessary to place extra insulation material, but this does increase the insulation value. With insulation material you can, therefore, save even more on heating costs.

The insulation value of an EPDM roofing material:

Most flat roofs are now fitted with EPDM as a roof covering. This is made from rubber and will last a very long time. In addition, it is maintenance-friendly. The disadvantage of EPDM is that the insulation value is quite low. With this type of roof covering it is also possible to increase the insulation value with the help of insulation boards.

The roof covering that you can choose for a sloping roof:

Many people choose to provide their homes with roof tiles. It is a cheap solution, but roof tiles only have a very low insulation value. That is why a roof on the inside is often covered with insulation material. By combining these two materials, good insulation is often created. In addition to roof tiles, you can also choose to cover your roof with thatch. Reed has a high insulation value. With a thatched roof covering, it is often not necessary to provide extra insulation. However, you can do this if you want to insulate your home even better.

The roof covering that you can choose for a flat roof:

There are many options for covering a flat roof. For example, you can opt for PVC, bitumen or EPDM. Most people nowadays opt for EPDM. This is particularly maintenance-friendly, so you don’t have to worry about it often. The insulation value of EPDM is not too high, but that also applies to PVC and bitumen. To ensure that a flat roof is well insulated, you can choose to place insulating material at the bottom of the roof.

Enable a roofer to better insulate your roof:

Do you want to better insulate your roof? Then you can also hire a roofer. They can tell you exactly what are the different options for roofing and which type of roofing is the best insulation. If you have made a choice for a certain type of roof covering, the roofer can also place this covering for you. This way you not only know for sure that your home is well insulated, but the material is also properly attached.