Looking for inspiration for a new roof? Then a lectern roof might be something for you. This roof type has a shape that, in its simplicity, looks very special and even artistic. In this article, you will find out more about the characteristics, benefits, and prices of a lectern roof.

What is a lectern roof?

A lectern’s roof is a certain roof shape that, just is like a flat roof, only consists of a single roof surface.

A classic gable roof consists of two symmetrical roof surfaces. In contrast to a flat roof, music racks do have a sloping construction. The slope is at least 15 degrees.

In a house with this type of roof construction, one side is very high, while the other side is quite low. A lectern roof does not have to be limited to homes. A log cabin, garden house or even conservatory can also be provided with this roof shape without any problems.

Some houses are equipped with a double music stand roof; this is what we call a staggered musician’s roof. In that case, both roof sides are opposite to each other, but they have different heights. In other words, they are asymmetrical.

Why choose a lectern roof?

  • Only one gutter

A major asset of a lectern’s roof is the fact that only one gutter is needed to collect and drain rainwater. This is located at the bottom of the roof. As a result, the gutter will stand out much less than with traditional roofs. Moreover, the water can be drained much more quickly with a flat roof, which only has a very slight slope. The roof does not require much maintenance.

  • Modern and characteristic appearance

The modern and aesthetic appearance is also an asset. It is therefore not surprising that a lectern roof has become increasingly common in recent years. In terms of design, you can also go to a lot of creative directions with this roof shape. For example, you can opt to have the roof covering to continue on part of the facade.

A lectern roof lifts your home to a higher level in a single glance. Although this roof shape is anything but complex compared to a gable roof, a house with a music stand has a unique and exclusive appearance. Certainly in a street with all saddle roofs, this roof shape will stand out.

  • More light & extra space

Another advantage is the extra light that can be created with this roof type. You can make the most of the long side of the house by having large or large windows installed. The open vertical space with a staggering deck roof can also be a source of light.

As far as space is concerned, you have little space under the roof on one side, but on the other just a little extra. You can make optimum use of this space under the roof by possibly turning it into a duplex floor.

Installation of the lectern roof:

The cost of installation of this type of roof depends to a large extent on the roofing chosen, insulation and the size of the roof. Due to the simple construction, you will generally pay less than for a classic than with 2 or more roof surfaces. As a result, a lectern roof can also be installed relatively quickly, which benefits the cost price.