The problem of the leakage and inadequate condition of the roofs of apartment buildings has been quite acute for several decades. The main reason is not only leaks but it also includes poor coating quality and the gradual destruction of the rest of the house structure. Therefore, the repair of the roof of an apartment building is one of the most important problems of its general maintenance.

Before contacting the Housing Office or ordering contract work, it is necessary to clearly understand their volume and the causes of leaks. In our article, we will consider what is the roof of an apartment building, what problems can arise during its operation, how they are solved.

Types of Roofing on Apartment Buildings:

To begin with, we will determine what types of roofs are in apartment buildings, since the repair work here can vary greatly. 

According to the design features and shape of the roof, they are divided into:

  • single-slope (with different slope angles)
  • gable
  • multi-slope
  • complex roofs (now quite rare among old-built houses)

Roof Repair Options

Repair work for the roofs of apartment buildings can be different, they are divided into two groups: current (partial) repair and overhaul. Builders also call them to repair with the partial and full opening of the roof. 

Let’s consider each in more detail.

Partial repair:

Inspection is carried out to see if any roof defects are present. In any minor problems are found then just replace the old, damaged roof coating and close all cracks and holes. The new coating is laid in one or two layers, depending on the requirements. At the end of the work, they completely seal all joints, seams of the laid roofing sheet.

If some places of the roof are rotten, then they are completely cut out, then the roof is cleaned, the problem areas are filled with mastic, then a new piece is just glued to this place right up to the end. All seams are sealed. This type of repair cannot be called the highest quality, but it is now used quite often, especially in old houses.


Overhaul of the roof implies a complete restoration, that is, roofing material is removed.

Next, pour fresh concrete layer, laying a new carpet in two layers. Such repairs should be carried out only by specialists since there is a risk of severely damaging the interior decoration of apartments located on the upper floors.

An improperly organized process causes leaks that can occur much later. The main stage of such a major overhaul is the deposition of roofing material using a special gas burner. The repairman carefully heats the underside of the carpet and then presses it to the roof. 

In this process, it is important to monitor the flame temperature, since too low and too high temperatures can damage the material itself. The roofing material is overlapped, then all the seams are carefully sealed.

The causes of leaking roofs of an apartment building:

The reasons can be very different, but usually, such leaks appear only during heavy rains and during the thaw, when large masses of snow begin to actively melt. There can be several reasons for leaks, so when you are planning to repair, you must correctly identify them, since the type of repair work, the cost, and the use of certain materials and technologies will depend on this.