Clay roofing tiles look beautiful and it has long durability and also it is suitable for all climates. They are heavy but have a lifespan of about 100 years. These roof tiles are generally made from fired clay or terra cotta or slate but these days it is made from concrete. The roof tiles are famous for their looks and low maintenance. They come in different shapes and styles like they are flat, fluted, curved or interlocked.

Once these clay tiles are made, they are baked in a wooden oven to make them hard and durable for roofing. After they are baked, a special material is glazed on the tiles to keep them from cracking. The clay tiles are expensive but it is always worth its price and it adds value not only to your roof but also to your house.


Pros Of Clay Tile Roofing:

  • Greater thermal comfort:

A clay tile roof is a great option for creating a thermal barrier and preventing the house from getting too hot or cold and keeps the home temperature more stable. A better thermally insulated roof can contribute less use of fans, heaters, and air conditioning, hence resulting in energy and cost savings and thus promoting energy sustainability.


  • Increased lifespan:

The life span of this material is almost unlimited. Even after a hundred years, it fulfills its responsibilities with the same efficiency. Regardless of external factors like storms, heavy rainfall etc,.


  • Strength:

The strength of this material is very high, it can able to withstand heavy loads while without being destroyed. During installation even when the tile falls from a height, it will more likely remain intact. Also during strong hail, the material will not be affected. 


  • Mounting method:

This type of material is very easy for roof installation, as it is small in size. The tiles are laid one next to the other and each new row overlaps the previous one, this installation method is very convenient. Also, when any tiles get broken or damaged, there is absolutely no problem in replacing it. Individual parts can be replaced without dismantling large sections of the roof which is very convenient.


Cons of Clay Tile Roofing:

  • High-Cost material: 

Since it is a natural material its cost is very high. and the cost also depends on the manufacturing method. Since the tile is baked at high temperatures, the cost depends on energy resources.


  •  Long installation process:

This process can take your commercial roofer quite some time to get this type of material installed. This is due to the fact that the tile is small, which means the number of operations is much larger than when installing other types of roofing. 


  • Heavyweight:

The tile has a fairly large weight, which means that it can only be used on solid walls or structures. Despite being durable, they get easily broken when it has a heavy impact on it.


  • Don’t walk on the tile:

Do not walk on the roof tiles while inspecting them or while doing any repair works. Because these tiles are concave in shape and when walked on it, it can easily break or get damaged.


  • Suitable only for sloped roofs:

This type of tile is only suitable for sharply sloped roofs and the roof’s pitches must be less than 4:12 ratio, otherwise, it is not suitable using this type of roofing tile.