Generally, in summer the roof can get quite hot during the day, while a lot of water can fall in the rainy season and it can sometimes blow quite hard. A storm is therefore not excluded. A storm can cause serious damage to roofs.

Has your roof been damaged as a result of a storm? Then it must be repaired. Do this as soon as possible to prevent further damage and rising costs.

Inspect damage:

Before you start carrying out all kinds of actions after damage to your roof has been caused by a storm, it is important to first check how large the damage is. Possibly only a few roof tiles have been blown away. You can put this on yourself again. Has there been a leak on your roof due to the storm? Then it would be a good idea to hire a roofer. Do not wait too long before hiring a professional, because the damage never disappears automatically.


Calling in a roofer generally costs a lot of money. This is particularly the case when a hole has entered your roof due to a severe storm. You can initially collect the water with buckets and trays, but the leak must be sealed as quickly as possible. With a sail, for example, you may first be able to prevent more water from flowing in, but this is not a solution that will last for years.


When you call in a roofer, you know that damage to your roof has been remedied in no time. A leak is repaired quickly, so that the costs may still be limited. If you wait too long to repair the damage, there is a risk of ‘invisible’ damage. Because of this you can be quite surprised later. In that case, the costs for a roof repair are often a lot higher than if you had the damage repaired immediately by a roofer.