The roof on your home protects you against various weather conditions. In hot summers, a roof prevents you from constantly sitting in the burning sun. And in the fall and winter, you are warm and dry and this is because of your roof. So you can be happy that you have a roof over your head. 

Despite the importance of such a roof, only a few people look after it. However, it is important to do this. Because damages can occur to your roof covering. And when the roofing is damaged, a leak is the logical consequence. It is therefore advisable to have a roof inspection carried out regularly.

Why would you have a roof inspection carried out?

You should actually have roof inspection carried out once or twice a year. This is to prevent problems with the roof. You can discover the problem while inspecting your roof and before it is too late, and you can solve it. You can also monitor changes in color, cracks, and holes in the ceiling or on the wall. 

Problems with your roof affect your ceiling or wall. Electrical equipment can get damaged or you can get a short circuit in your house. All these things tend to happen when the roof is not maintained well. So be on time and have a roof inspection carried out.

What does an inspection report consist of?

It is usually sufficient to have a roof inspection carried out once or twice a year. When you contact a commercial roofing company the roofer inspects your roof, he not only checks the roof covering, but he also checks the gutters, downspouts, the chimney, the bow parts, and wind springs. During the roof inspection, the water tightness of the various components is examined. The roofer also looks at the state of maintenance and gives advice on cleaning the various parts.

What could be wrong with your roof?

  • Loose-fitting and crooked tiles (due to storms and hard rain) can cause leakage.
  • Pans that are not properly positioned can blow off the roof and cause damage to their environment.
  • Undesirable moss and algae growth can occur, affecting the water-tightness of the roof.
  • The wooden framework of the roof or the insulation material can be affected.
  • Roof leaks can cause mold and moisture stains on your interior walls and ceilings.

Periodic roof maintenance:

With regular roof maintenance and roof inspection, you can increase the lifespan of your roof. Periodic checks by well-trained employees are a requirement to minimize risk and liability.

  1. Cleaning the rainwater drains, the emergency overflows, and the gutters. Note: do not use any aggressive cleaning agents. Also, the use of high-pressure cleaning equipment is usually not allowed since it can damage the surface or the seam connection.
  2. Removal of leaves, branches, plants and other pollution.
  3. Check for deviations in the surface of the roof covering.

What is done after roof inspection?

After the roof inspection is done. You will get a clear idea about your roof condition. If there is any minor issues you can easily solve them. It is better you solve the small damages on your roof since it saves you a lot of money in the long run.