Repairing a roof leak is not that difficult, but tracing the roof for any minor leaks or damages is often difficult. If your roof leaks, then you must tackle it as quickly as possible. Because water can cause severe damage to the construction of your roof. 

In this article, you can discover how you can recognize a roof leak, what the causes are and how you can best solve it. Moreover, roof repair is not always the best solution. In many cases, roof restoration is a better idea. 

What are the causes of roof leaks?

Roof covering:

A leak in the roof is an annoying problem and can turn into a severe problem if left untreated. Leaks occur very often in the vicinity of pipes, gutters, drains, and corners. These weak spots on the roof deserve extra attention. The most common causes of roof leakage can be divided into 3 categories:


Slanted roof:

Broken roof tiles or the roof tiles that don’t fit perfectly or cracks in roof tiles are a possible cause for a leak in a sloping roof. With a sloping roof, detecting a leak from inside is not easy. After all, the leak can be in a completely different place and it is hard to find. If the roof is beautifully finished and insulated but if it has leaks then this certainly gives a distorted image. The roof boarding, insulation and ceilings can retain the water for a long time before the consequences are visible. So it is better the roof cover is restored.


Flat roof:

A flat roof is also susceptible to roof leaks. If a flat roof does not ensure proper drainage of rainwater, then there is a chance that a lot of water will remain standing. Bitumen or roofing has a hard time due to changing weather conditions. Moisture, frost and unwanted plant growth squeeze between the seams, causes leakage. Dehydrated bitumen also leads to cracks. So you can either repair or restore the roof.


Roof lead:

Another cause of roof leaks is the roof lead in chimneys and dormer windows. If the edges are damaged or the roof planks no longer run smoothly, then it allows moisture to seep into place and the roof will start to leak.


Roof gutter:

Clogged gutters can cause a lot of misery. Leaves and dirt in the autumn season can get clogged. In combination with rain, this can lead to leaks. Especially in the fall, it is important that leaves and dirt are removed to prevent problems.


How can roof leaks be remedied?

The solution is, of course, dependent on the cause of the problem. Broken roof tiles or roof tiles that do not fit correctly are usually simply replaced. Problems with roof lead can also be easily solved by replacing or restoring the damaged roof lead. A leak in a flat roof is usually solved by applying liquid roofing material. This is also applied to the bitumen roofing material and forms a good and fast emergency solution.

A roof repair therefore takes little time and does not cost. On average, commercial roofers costs 25 to 35 dollars per hour, excluding material and VAT.


Roof renovation:

A leak in the roof can initially be solved by repairing the roof locally. A leak usually does not come alone and is often a sign on the wall that there may be more problems to come. If you have repaired your roof, then it is wise to have the roofer, to perform a quick inspection to properly assess the condition of your roof.

A roof renovation is a further step to a roof repair. In the first instance, a roof renovation involves replacing the roof covering.


What are the indications that the roofing needs to be replaced?

The roof covering fades

The roof covering becomes porous

The roof covering comes off


If the above signs are found in your roofs then it must be replaced.