Do You Know Your Contractor?

It is of great importance to a consumer to know with whom they are contracting. Below are some tips to ensure you have gone through the process of hiring the best commercial roofing company.

Tips to Make Sure You Picked The Best Roofing Company

1. How Long Have They Been Business?

Next thing you will want to find out is if they have been in business replacing roofs for a long time. This is the #1 factor to seeking fly by the night roofing companies. The majority of roofing companies that you will find in the Kansas City, Missouri area are brand new roofing companies that are just starting and they have no desire to run a long term business. This is bad news for the consumer, as these shady roofing companies will typically order too much material, blow through the job, and charge you an arm and leg for a roof that will just need replacing again in the near future.

2. Do they have good reviews?

Have you gotten online to check out their reviews? If not, this is something that is extremely important. Get online and type the company in and see if they have any negative or bad reviews.  I alway suggest searching and trying to find the bad reviews because companies nowadays can easily fake their good reviews. They just simply hire somebody from Upwork or somewhere online and then boom, they have over 100 good reviews in no time. Find the bad reviews and see what they say, are they just the customer being needy or is the company doing a bad job?

3. Has any stop work order been issued?

Does that company have any history of stop-work orders? If a company has been issued a stop-work order, then they have broken a law or laws concerning workers compensation coverage, usually to avoid paying for proper coverage. Protect yourself. This is usually something that translates to shady business.

4. Who are the owners of the company?

Who is the license holder of the business and do they oversee the daily operations? After the licensed individual is found, one should ask to talk to them directly, to see if they are involved in supervising daily operations. If it is a large job, I would suggest meeting with the license holder. If the license holder does not oversee the operations, who does?

How long has the company or corporation been active and does it match up with the company’s advertisements? Go online and see how long they have been in business and what their ratings are. Here, they can find out a lot about a company.

5. Have they done any Recent Work?

This is something that will tell you if they are a good company or not. If they have done recent work then this means that they have been staying busy and are doing a good job. If they have not been staying busy this could mean that they have gone out of business for some time, have had their team quit on them, or several other things.