The slate roof was already used in classical architecture. It still happens today. As a result, there are still many homes that have a slate roof. There are also many people who would still like to have this type of roof on the home. That is why it is also interesting to take a look at the different types. What you may not know is that there are different types in it.

1. Choose the natural type of slate roof:

The natural slate roof is made up of natural stone. That stone can be found in various places in the world. Depending on where it comes from, each type of slate has a number of specific characteristics. For example, the color of the stone. It is also about the structure of the roof tiles. This means that every slate roof that has been laid with natural slates can look different. This makes it unique to see. The disadvantage is that the natural shape of the roofs shows some impurities.

2. Choose a plastic slate roof:

A good alternative is to opt for a plastic slate roof. The most important reason for opting for the plastic roof is that it is less expensive and the quality is very good. The plastic variant is made from a cement fiber. It, therefore, looks a lot like the natural variant but is just a bit cheaper and easier to make. This is a strong advantage. On the other hand, it is of course just plastic, it remains just an alternative.

3. Opt for bitumen slate roof:

When it comes to slate roofing, there is also a third option. This concerns the bitumen roofs. This is the shape that is often found in homes in the United States. In Europe, it is mainly used for smaller roofs such as sheds. Although it can also be used on normal roofs. A disadvantage of this type of roof is that it lasts a little shorter. After 25 years it is time to opt for replacement. Natural slates will last much longer.

So these are the 3 types of slate roofs. If you are either building a new building or replacing your old roof, consider using the slate roofs.

Use the specialist’s knowledge:

To make the right choice for a certain slate roof, it is smart to use the knowledge of the specialist. He can tell what a good choice is. It can often be the case that the natural variant looks great. However, the environmental conditions may make it wise to opt for the plastic version. And this is because of the good price-quality ratio.