Your roof needs to be inspected at least once a year. You must spend some money to hire a professional to inspect your roof completely. If your house has a large complex structure then it is difficult to carry out the roof inspections process. It is both risky and expensive. 

So the above problem can be solved by using drones. You can use the drones to inspect your roofs. It is economical and safe to inspect your roof with drones. Inspection can be carried out irrespective of the size and shape of your roof.

Mostly, the roofing contractor will use it to inspect the roof.  They are generally equipped with cameras with optical zoom, so we are able to carry out detailed control of the condition of the gutters, chimneys, antennas, on your roof. The great advantage of this type of review is recording the image in the form of a film or photos, giving the possibility of enlarging the viewed place, detailed analysis in a comfortable quiet room.

Drones work at heights:

The human eye only sees part of the light spectrum. Since thermovision is used, it can see infrared radiation, which allows you to locate technological or construction defects, insulation errors, thermal bridges, moisture, stains, leaks on your roofs

It is an excellent tool for inspecting photovoltaic cells placed on the roofs of houses. The condition of thermal insulation of facades and roofs, solar farms, flood embankments, tightness of plumbing and gas installations, power lines on the roofs can be easily inspected using drones.

The drones are equipped with thermal imaging cameras, so we can shorten the time of reviewing the condition of the infrastructure, the visible one and the one that is part of the building structure or located underground. It also reduces the operating costs of power and heating lines. The possibility of finding damaged elements is high. 

There is no need for anyone to climb the roofs to inspect them. It significantly improves safety and reduces labor costs incurred during maintenance and repair works.

It is also important to use a professional drone service with civil liability insurance. By using drones to inspect your roof, you can economically and safely audit the condition of buildings, reduce maintenance costs, renovations and modernization, and reduce energy consumption impact on the state of the environment.

Advantages of roofs and building facades inspection using drones:

The benefits of inspecting roofs and building facades with drones are:

  1. It helps in the early detection of damage. So it is possible to carry out repairs before serious breakdowns occur.
  2. It reduces labor costs. Drones eliminate the need to send people to dangerous places on your roofs, equip them with personal protective equipment, build scaffoldings, rent elevators, etc.
  3. It saves your time – Inspection done using a drone is carried out faster and documented with photos and videos taken, which can be viewed many times in a convenient time and place, subjected to analysis to carefully assess the condition of the object.
  4. High accuracy of work is obtained – The human eye cannot detect leaks, thermal bridges, structural defects in the way that thermography can do. So drones make it possible to find faults and defects on roofs and also checks the accuracy of renovation or modernization works.