Nowadays solar panels can be found on more roofs. However, these solar panels need more maintenance and they can also get damaged easily. So people still hesitate to use it. So the solar tiles offer an excellent solution. These roof tiles have solar cells, which form a beautiful whole with the roof. Solar tiles have many benefits.

The operation of the solar panel

The roof and the solar tiles have complete integration with each other. This ensures that it looks very natural. No base or other mounting material is required to install them. Each of the pans has a hole at the rear for the wiring. The pans connect with each other in this way. The solar tiles also have this wiring to connect them to an inverter.

The costs and revenues of solar tiles

Roof tiles with solar panels are more expensive compared to regular solar panels. In most cases, they cost no less than three times as much. This also means that the payback time increases. However, the efficiency of the solar panel is equal to that of the normal solar panels with 80-90%. So it is worth using these solar tiles on the roofs.

The wide range of solar tiles

There is a wide range of various types of roof tiles with solar cells available. These are the five most common types:

Fast deck roof tiles with solar cells. The high-speed roof tiles are still partially visible. These are easy to apply to the existing pan battens.

Solar panel from slates. A slate roof can also be equipped with pans with solar panels. Flat solar panels are usually used. These can be neatly incorporated into the roof.

Wide roof tiles. These cover a width of no less than four to eight roof tiles. The roof structure is often not visible.

Ceramic solar tiles. This type of roof tile is particularly suitable for old buildings where the aesthetic aspect plays a role.

Integrated roof system. The panels are installed with the roof so that they are combined with the existing roof covering.