Tips to maintain your roof tiles by yourself:

Roof tiles protect your home from the external weather conditions. Generally, the roofing material lasts for a long time. However, the roof tiles can get damaged due to the overgrowth of mosses. To limit the risk of damage, maintenance of your roof tiles is very important. 

Why to remove the debris on the roof tiles?

When roof tiles get damp, the moss would start to grow on the tiles. It is important to remove this in time. If you do not do this, then your roof will start leaking. If there is a lot of moss on a tile roof, this can cause the water to not drain properly. The water will then look for another way out so that it can enter your home through the roof.

3 Tips to maintain your roof tiles by yourself:

The roof is an essential part of your house. If you want to maintain your roof, you can hire a roofer to inspect and maintain it. But you can even do this roof maintenance work on your own. In this article, we have given a few tips for performing maintenance on your roof covering.

Tip 1: Remove all debris on the roof:

The roofing on flat roofs is often particularly sensitive to clutter, but roof tiles and reed can also be damaged as a result of junk. That is why it is important to regularly remove the clutter from your roof. This includes, for example, twigs, moss, and leaves. You don’t have to do this every week. Go up to your roof a few times a year to remove clutter and your roof covering lifespan can be increased by doing this.

Tip 2: Check your roof covering for damage:

Are you going up to your roof to remove clutter? Inspect immediately how things are going with your roof covering. This is easy on a flat roof. Take a walk and see if you see a weak spot anywhere. Is this the case? Then call in a roofer to remedy this. With regard to a sloping roof, it is often not necessary to climb over your entire roof. You can usually see from a distance when, for example, a roof tile is missing. Be careful not to wait too long to change the roof tile when it is damaged.

Tip 3: Empty your gutters:

Leaves often accumulate in gutters, so the rainwater is no longer drained. The water often stays on flat roofs. In that case, the water will look for another way to drain out and your roofs will start to leak. Therefore, always make sure that you regularly get rid of your roof gutters junk.

Maintenance of roof tiles

It is important to keep your roof tiles clean. This prevents damage and the growth of moss on your roof tiles. The cleaning of roof tiles is best done with a high-pressure spray and hot water. You can clean the tile roof yourself. However, it is easy to understand that you find it a little scary to work at a great height. Is that also the case with you? Then you can hire a roofer.

The maintenance of roof tiles by a roofer :

It is important to engage a roofer for the maintenance of roof tiles. They will do a better cleaning. A roofer does not just spray your roof clean with water. He also uses a special chemical to reduce the attack of algae on the roof tiles. This automatically gives the moss a smaller chance to grow on the roof. You do not have to have your roof tiles serviced every year, but it is advisable to have the tiles cleaned periodically so that the growth of the mosses is prevented. So the leaks do not happen and your roof tiles also last longer.