If you are thinking of building your house from scratch or remodeling your house, here we will tell you what are the options to change the roof.

Flat roofs for modern houses:

The houses with marked straight lines with walls in neutral tones are the ones with flat roofs. These reinforce the minimalist style of the facade of your house, and it gives a modern touch.

The advantages of installing a flat are:

  • Cleaning is very easy: being a flat roof, you do not run any risk when cleaning it. So you do not need to call an expert for maintenance.
  • Contributes to energy savings: the way the roof is laid allows the house to stay cool.

Gable roofs for rainy areas:

This type of roof is ideal for the winter season or places of abundant rains. The gable roofs are those that are composed of two large folds or skirts that join in the middle forming a large triangle. The opening or closing of this will depend on how often it snows or rains. That is why we see houses in the form of triangles in icy territories. 

If this is the case, the gable roofs are suitable for your home, which will provide the following advantages: 

  • Temperature control
  • Savings in construction costs 
  • Modernity

Asphalt tile, easy installation:

The asphalt tile substance contains granule and asphalt laminate along with other resistant materials. And, it is an economical and easy to install roof type. There are fiberglass and organic asphalt shingles and if you are good at building it, you could place it yourself.

Metal roof tile for larger budgets:

Tile metal is one of the most expensive construction materials. But it is worth choosing them for their benefits:

  • Easy installation.
  • High strength and long service life.
  • Its maintenance is cheap.
  • It gives the house a modern look.

Country style wooden roof tiles:

Even if you are in a city, you can have a country-style house by simply placing your wooden tile roof. These days it is uncommon to see homes with this aspect, but in interior design, it has a tendency to decorate your house with countryside touch.

Slate roof tiles for all types of weather:

For countries with four climatic seasons, it is recommended that they have slate roofs. This type of tile is conducive to resist all climatic aggressions, they do not need maintenance and are very durable

When to inspect the roofs?

Cold, heat, humidity and high winds can damage the roof of your house. Therefore, the most sensible thing is that at the end of each season you can check the coverage status of your home in depth. Above all, it is best to inspect your roof before and after summer and winter, as they are the most intense seasons.

Changes in temperature on the same day also affect the appearance and functionality of the roofs. If it is very hot during the day and the temperature drops at night, this could accelerate the damage.

Maintaining roofs regularly will save you from headaches because it will take care of any imperfections in time. Include this part of the house in your annual cleaning plan. If you want you can also contact a professional to be in charge of reviewing the cover of your house.