Do you want to enjoy the outdoors all year round? Then a patio roof in the garden is an excellent option. In this article, we tell you about patio roofs and we share some tips for using a patio roof. These tips are suitable for every garden, both small and large and provide a wonderful luxury when using a patio roof.

Why a patio roof in the garden is indispensable?

If you are a real outdoors person and you want to enjoy this to the full, a patio roof is actually indispensable, because it offers excellent protection against basically all weather conditions. Think especially of rain (and other precipitation), strong wind and bright sun. In addition, there are various options for fully controlling the climate under the patio roof. 

Which material is best for a patio roof?

The choice of material is quite difficult. Here too, you have many options in which you have to make a choice for both the material of the roof and the structure itself.

With regard to the material of the structure you have roughly two choices: you can choose a wooden structure or an aluminum skeleton. To make this choice easier, I list the most important characteristics of these materials for you:

A Wooden Roof: 

  • A beautiful, warm and natural look that fits in with different styles
  • It is relatively heavy in weight
  • It needs to be maintained
  • It can be sensitive to fungi and insects.
  • It has a long lifespan if properly maintained.

An Aluminum Roof:

  • It gives a modern and luxurious appearance
  • It is light and strong
  • Not sensitive to heat and UV radiation
  • It does not rust
  • It requires little maintenance
  • It is resistant to insects and fungi
  • It is environmentally friendly and lasts a very long time
  • It is much more expensive to purchase and often has to be tailor-made.

If you prefer transparent construction, where you have lots of light. You can choose from a glass or polycarbonate (plastic) roof. Let me make it “easy” for you and also clearly outline the characteristic properties of these materials for you.

A glass roof:

  • It offers optimum protection against heat
  • Gives a beautiful light without distortion
  • It is smooth material so that it does not get dirty quickly
  • It is sustainable and does not age
  • Provides little noise in rain or hail
  • It is quite heavy in weight.
  • It is relatively expensive.

A plastic roof:

  • It will damage less quickly
  • It is lightweight
  • Is flexible and easy to the machine
  • Provides more noise in rain and hail
  • It will get dirty sooner
  • It is a cheaper option than glass.

 So I have given 4 choices for choosing the best patio roof cover for your roof.

Tips for using a patio roof for every garden:

1. Light incidence

Make sure that you design the terrace covering in such a way that sufficient light can still shine into your house

2.Water drainage

Make sure there is good drainage so that no water remains on your roof. You can collect the water in a rain barrel. This barrel is not only a stylish decorative piece but also offers you options for reusing the water.

3.Light street shelter

If you do not have a transparent roof on your patio roof, you may be able to opt for a light street to get enough light.

4.White roof

If you choose to paint the wooden construction of your roof white, this gives a fresh and light appearance. This makes your roof optically larger.

5.Solar energy

Choose to be self-sufficient and place a solar panel on the roof.

6.Atmospheric garden furniture

A beautiful terrace covering is not possible without suitable garden furniture. Make it a beautiful living room, and place a lounge set, comfortable chairs, and a coffee table. If necessary, make it a workplace when you work at home and adjust your interior accordingly.