Installing New roof:

If the structure of your roof is damaged or you want to renovate a house thoroughly, you can install a new roof. Renewing the roof is a tough job with a lot of options. But other than renovating your old damaged roof, it is better you replace it with a new one. There are plenty of commercial roofing company out there who does all this work for you without any hindrance. You can get their service for the work to be done.

Three options to renew or replace your roof:

The extent of replacing your roof naturally depends on the condition of the roof. Here you will find a few options for installing a new roof and renovating a roof.

New roof construction:

If you are dealing with purlins that have started to rot due to moisture or insects, then you will have to renew the entire roof otherwise the safety of the roof construction will be compromised. However, if the beams of your roof structure sag due to a heavy load or a construction fault, then a complete roof renovation is not always necessary. Sometimes it is enough if you replace few beams which sag and the beams which are in good condition can be left untouched.

If the wall plate, the horizontal wooden beam just below the roof that is responsible for the weight distribution has begun to rot, it can also be renewed. To do this, part of the roof covering and the roof boarding must be removed first. The purlins are then slightly lifted to remove the rotten part of the wall plate to attach the new wall plate with chemical anchors to the facade.

The price for replacing the wall plate of a purlining roof with roof tiles and a roof boarding of 1 meter starts from around 600 dollars per linear meter. The price for a slate roofing will be a little higher.

You must remember that the stability of the house requires the intervention of an architect. So contact a professional with good experience to carry out your roof replacement work.

Renew the roof covering:

If the construction of the roof is still in order, you do not have to install a completely new roof. For example, you can just renew the roof covering. This is because your roof might have had a lot to endure under the weather conditions, therefore, it can show signs of wear and tear over time.

The possibilities for covering the roof are very extensive: for example, you can opt for classics such as roof tiles or slates. With flat roofs, a green roof and EPDM roofing are popular choices.

Price of a new roof:

Installing a new roof is not a cheap job. There is a lot involved and there are many different options to renew the roof. You have already found some target prices in this article, but the exact price of roofing depends on some factors. Among other things, the total roof surface area, the materials chosen and, of course, the work which needs to be performed to replace the roof, influences the cost of new roof replacement.

Install transfer roof:

With slate roofs, it is also possible to install a transfer roof. Light-metal panels are placed on top of the existing roof covering using a slatted structure. Then a transfer roof can be installed quickly. The price for installing a transfer roof is on average between 50 and 60 dollars per square meter.

So these are the three options present to replace the roof. You can choose any one option depending on the condition of your roof.