Synthetic composite roofing tile is a relatively new type of roofing material, which consists of multiple layers. The basis of the composite tile consists of a special steel sheet, which is protected by a special alloy of aluminum, silicon, and zinc. This alloy protects the steel from corrosion than the classic zinc coating does. The outer side of the composite tile is covered with colored granules made of natural stone. It protects the house from rain, hail, snow, wind, and noise.


This type of commercial roofing tile has a number of remarkable characteristics and it also combines the best properties of other roofing materials. The synthetic composite roofing tile is the best choice for those who want to get excellent quality of roof tiles at affordable prices.


Standard Asphalt Shingle Roofing VS Synthetic Roofing:

The asphalt shingle roofing and synthetic shingle roofing has similar properties. But the asphalt shingle is made up of a single layer. It is weightless but the durability of asphalt shingles is very less. Meanwhile, the synthetic shingle roofing is made up of several layers of materials and it has high durability.


Synthetic Roofing VS Genuine Slate or Cedar Roofing:

The slate roofing is known for its pleasing appearance and long lifespan. But it is heavy in weight and the cost of this type of roof tile is very high, whereas the synthetic roofing tile is light in weight and available at an affordable price.

Both the Cedar roofing and synthetic roofing tiles are environmentally friendly. But the cedar roofing is very expensive. Though it is easy to install and has a long lifespan, it is not suitable for wet climate. It must be frequently inspected for the growth of moss and algae and maintaining it is very important. But the synthetic composite roofing is very cheap than the cedar roofing and requires less maintenance.


Pros and Cons of Synthetic composite roofing tile:


  • Synthetic Composite tiles are very easy to install:

It is very easy and simple to cut, bend and deform the synthetic composite tile to the desired shape. These tiles must be overlapped with each other forming a lock system to prevent and protects the roof from leaking. And usually, composite tiles should be placed on roofs with an angle of inclination from 12 to 90 degrees.


  • Long Lifespan:

Since the synthetic composite shingles are made up of several layers, they have long durability and so the lifespan is high. Some manufacturers even give a lifetime guarantee for this type of roof tiles.


  • Do not walk on the roof:

It is not recommended to walk on roofs covered with synthetic composite tiles. Since they are locked with each other, you may tend to break the tile when you walk on it. So if you want to inspect the roof or repair them, you can get support from professionals. If there is an urgent need to get on the roof, it is advisable to wear soft shoes and carefully step on the tiles.


  • Good resistant to environmental influences:

It has excellent fire fighting properties. The multilayer structure of the tile allows it to be resistant to frost or heat. It can easily cope up with extreme temperatures and can withstand any number of freezing and thawing. Composite tiles are designed for a long service life, which is more than 50 years.



Composite tiles are a revolutionary solution for almost any type of roof. These tiles look spectaculous on the roof of any structure. From the outside, it is covered with special colored granules of high-quality and natural stone. They create an excellent image for the roof and adds a touch of naturalness, nobility and chic to the exterior of the home. At the same time,  the price of composite tiles can vary, and it serves as an excellent barrier to noise, wind, and rainfall.


When looking for the right roofing material to use on your house, synthetic composite roofing would be your top option. Composite roofing has numerous advantages over other roofing materials. These shingles are durable, wind-resistant, fire-resistant, fade-resistant, and eco-friendly. They also come with longer warranties.