When is an emergency roof repair needed and how can you see this? If you identify one of the examples below, then it is time to take action;

  • Yellow circles, leaking water, damp spots under the roof.
  • Peeling off the woodwork.
  • Leaking gutters.
  • Skewed roof tiles or broken roof tiles.
  • Cracks in the bitumen roof covering.
  • Water on the flat roof.
  • Cracks and dried out lead (chimney or facade)

Roof repair on the flat roof:

How does a roof repair actually work on flat roofs and how can the costs be saved? Read the below steps on how a roof repair is performed on flat roofs:

Cleaning the roof: If the roof is clean then the defects in the roof can be found more easily. Before the roof repair is carried out, it is important that it is made free from gravel, dirt, and leaves.

Analyze the problem: If your roof is easily accessible, you can possibly try to trace the roof damage yourself. If you do not find the problem, you can contact a roofing company where the roofers have special equipment for this.

Roof repair: Repairing the roof is an important task. In the case of small defects in the roof, the industrial roofer can choose to simply use a repair paste. If the damage is greater and cannot be resolved locally, a new layer of roofing material must be applied.

Roof repair on a sloping roof:

Do you want to know how a roof repair on a sloping roof works? and what you could do to save on costs? Here are some useful tips :

Analyzing the problem: Any roof damage on a sloping roof can be found faster than roof damage on a flat roof. If you see a crack in your roof tile or there are tiles shifted due to a violent storm and if there is a leak in your bitumen roof covering, then it must be changed.

Roof repair: If your roof is in good condition after a check and only some minor issues, then a roofer can straighten the shifted roof tiles and replace the broken tiles with new ones again. And also if the glaze layer on your roof tiles is damaged and looks dull, then the tiles must be replaced.

Complete renovation:

If the lifetime of your roof can no longer protect you against the rain and wind, then your energy bill will also increase considerably. If you hire a roofing contractor to inspect your damaged roof, then the roofer will be able to find out whether the roof damage is greater than expected.

The choice to renovate your entire roof covering is then close. If you have a roof renovation carried out, it will be cheaper than always having the old roof repaired. Have your roofer inspect your roof well in advance to find out if you need a roof repair or renovation.

Related repairs:

You can also repair the peripheral issues around the roofs if this appears to be necessary. For example, the buoy parts may be broken, the gutter may leak, the construction may be weak in certain places or there may be other defects on the roof.

It is therefore perfectly possible, for example, to repair a gutter, reinforce a structure and replace bow parts. When a roofer carries out an overall roof repair, he can immediately check all these aspects of a roof and, if necessary, repair it.

Save on roof repair costs:

Not only the prices for repairing your roof can rise, but if you wait too long, the consequential damage inside will also increase considerably. That is why it is advised to proceed with repairs as quickly as possible.