A wolf roof is a combination of a saddle roof and a hipped roof. What defines a wolf roof are the beveled surfaces on the short side of the roof that make the roof extra wind-resistant. A wolf roof combines the advantages of both types and thus creates a very sturdy and stable roof with a unique style. Wolf roofs are still very popular, especially with bungalows, cottages and country-style houses.

Advantages and disadvantages of a wolf roof:

  • Simplicity, a little creativity, and stability are some of the reasons why people opt for a wolf roof. You can cover a wolf roof with almost any kind of roof covering. Moreover, thanks to the sloping roof surfaces, a wolf roof is also more wind-resistant than a saddle or hipped roof. This roof also creates extra living or storage space under the roof.
  • Creative and sturdy at the same time:  the construction of a wolf roof is sturdy and gives your home a unique look.
  • More resistant to squalls: the cut corners make the construction more resistant to strong squalls.
  • Space under the roof: compared to a hipped roof, a wolf roof creates extra living space under the roof.
  • Dormer windows: lends itself perfectly to the integration of dormer windows.
  • High price: the more complex the construction, the higher the price.

Straw roofing:

A popular option as a roof covering for a wolf roof is thatch. A thatched wolf roof emphasizes the rural character of your home. The price of a thatched roof primarily depends on the surface. The price also increases if you opt for many details such as dormer windows. On average you pay between  $ 70 to $ 95 per m² for a thatched roof. In addition, the costs for the ridge princes are available in different materials.

Also ideal for outbuildings:

The construction of a wolf roof protects buildings against high winds and creates a creative and rural appearance. That is why this type of roof is also the ideal construction for various outbuildings such as a shed or a log cabin. A shed or garden house? Choose a wolf roof. 

This way you create a uniform look with your home. You can choose different roof coverings for a surprising result. Log cabins have evolved enormously in recent years, with a wolf roof becoming very popular. In combination with the wooden log cabin, a less pointed wolf roof provides a stylish appearance.