The 3 Different Types Of Slate Roofs


The slate roof was already used in classical architecture. It still happens today. As a result, there are still many homes that have a slate roof. There are also many people who would still like to have this type of roof on the home. That is why it is also interesting to take a look

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Options For Repairing a Roof In An Apartment Building


The problem of the leakage and inadequate condition of the roofs of apartment buildings has been quite acute for several decades. The main reason is not only leaks but it also includes poor coating quality and the gradual destruction of the rest of the house structure. Therefore, the repair of the roof of an apartment

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Common Types Of Roofing Materials:


Below we will consider the types of materials for roofing. The most common types of roofing materials include sheet materials, soft roofing, and piece materials.  Sheet Roofing: easy installation and attractive price. These materials are produced in the form of hard sheets with specified parameters of length, width, and thickness. This simplifies production facilitates and

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Why Should You Choose A Mansard Roof?


With a mansard roof, the lower part of the roof surface is steeper than the upper one on the ridge. These angled roof surfaces ensure that this type of roof is also known as a broken roof or a French roof. Mansard roof is the lower surfaces that buckle out and are therefore steeper than

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How To Install Snow Retainers On The Roof Of The House?


Installation of snow retainers on the roof allows you to create a protective barrier against the snow masses. In different regions, the amount of snow varies in winter, but heavy snowfalls occur even in those areas that are always considered to be of little snow.  Frequent temperature fluctuations and prevailing wind directions also influence the

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Soft Roof: Non-Standard Roof Mounting And High Sound Absorption


A number of roofing materials can be combined with the concept of "soft roof". This is the so-called flexible tile, roll materials like roofing, bitumen and polymer films are fused and self-adhesive. Flexibility and plasticity allow them to be used for roofs of the most complex architectural forms, including conical or domed. High noise protection

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What Is A Patio Roof? Which Material Is Best For Your Patio Roof?


Do you want to enjoy the outdoors all year round? Then a patio roof in the garden is an excellent option. In this article, we tell you about patio roofs and we share some tips for using a patio roof. These tips are suitable for every garden, both small and large and provide a wonderful

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Importance Of Sloping Roof


Sloping roofs are the most common in Europe. Sloping roofs were already built in the past because it provided the best protection of the house against weather influences which was uncertain like the weather was too hot or too cold. The triangular shape makes it resistant to strong winds. The water can be drained easily

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7 Tips For Roof Renovation That Save Time & Money


Renovating or renewing a roof is the best job. It may seem simple, but there is a lot involved in it. By having a roof inspection carried out in advance, you have a better picture of the situation and you know what to take into account.  We are happy to share 7 tips that can

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10 Tips For Roofing Your Roof


Do you have plans to place a roof in your garden? Then there are few choices awaiting for you. Consider the location, size, design, and material of the roof. The latter relates to both the construction and the roofing of a roof. I will help you to make your choice by sharing 10 roof coverings

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